Our core public health interventions

  • Providing a delivery bucket to every woman who delivers a baby at our supported clinics. Each bucket contains a sheet of plastic to provide a clean surface area for delivery, a Lappa (cloth) to wrap the baby, and soap. Each kit costs $5 and we have distributed over 5000 buckets so far. The buckets have been very successful in decreasing maternal and neonatal infections, and in providing an incentive for women to come to the clinics to deliver. Dangerous home deliveries have been decreased substantially in the areas served by the Mama-Pikin Foundation-supported clinics.
  • Providing nutrition support for pregnant women in birth waiting homes.
  • Providing support for Community Health Officers to promote delivery in clinics, breastfeeding, and identification of sick and at risk pregnant women and children.

Landslide Disaster Response

In response to the flooding and landslide disaster in Freetown in August 2017, we provided financial support to 115 families to assist with food, clothing, and relocation expenses. We also purchased 30 mattresses for families sleeping on the floor in one of the school shelters and purchased pots, pans, and other cooking utensils for one of the community shelters. We will continue to work to support affected families.

Responding to The Ebola Epidemic

The foundation purchased bleach, soap, gloves and other necessary supplies for our clinics. It conducted trainings for all the health workers at the clinics we support, to give them tools to help protect themselves from Ebola. It held community sensitization and education sessions at each of the four clinics to teach the communities about keeping themselves and their families safe from Ebola and to help decrease stigma and fear so that community members know how to protect themselves and know what to do if a family member gets sick. The foundation also partnered with the group – Sierra Leoneans in Georgia United to Fight Ebola, to raise funds which have been used to air freight medical supplies and to support health care workers and other people affected by the Ebola outbreak.

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