About the Mama-Pikin Foundation

  • The Mama-Pikin Foundation is a non-profit corporation founded in Atlanta, Georgia in 2008 by two doctors of Sierra Leonean descent. Its goals are to help enhance, improve and otherwise positively contribute to the health and well being of mothers, children, and families in Sierra Leone, West Africa.
  • Mama-Pikin means “Mother-Child” in Krio, a language commonly spoken in Sierra Leone, West Africa.
  • Sierra Leone has one of the highest maternal mortality and child mortality rates in the world. The Mama-Pikin Foundation was founded because of this.

About Sierra Leone

  • Sierra Leone is a beautiful country on the coast of West Africa that has a population of about 8 million people
  • Most people work in agriculture, mining, or fishing
  • It is recovering from a civil war that ended in 2002.
  • Many of the people are poor, and some live on less than $1 a day.
  • Sierra Leone however has tremendous economic potential. It has about 220 miles of pristine beaches available for tourism. It also has natural deposits of diamonds and other precious minerals.